F.188 apartments

as capital investment

The furnished micro-apartments from F.188 meet the needs of various target groups in Nuremberg: single people who wish to live in smaller properties that are also close to the centre. Students, young professionals and newcomers to the city who prefer to live alone and are usually only able to invest a limited amount of time in looking for somewhere to live. Additionally, there are professionals working in Nuremberg on a temporary basis and a large number of commuters: 52.4% of those working in Nuremberg commute daily from outside the city. But not just from nearby towns: in 2014, Regensburg, Berlin and Munich were also in the top 50 cities for commuters to Nuremberg.


Investment in Nürnberg real estate


Achievable return:

approx. 4.24%*

Example calculation:

Purchase price of apartment including furniture:
Obtainable rental income:

*Gross rental return: ratio of the net basic rent to the purchase price, excluding ancillary, administrative and maintenance costs. The return forecast is based upon the current, regional average rents being asked for new buildings (property portal values). A reliable forecast of achievable rents cannot be made.
Achievable rents and the rental market could possibly be subject to adverse development. For example, the loss of local public transport or other facilities can reduce the attractiveness of properties. In addition, an increase in competitors or changes to social structures can also lead to the downgrading of a location. Your financing conditions and general market risks can influence the return forecast due to economic fluctuations. This can then have an adverse affect upon rental demand and rent levels: this can result in the letting being delayed and/or a reduction or even total loss of expected rental returns. The example forecast can change or even fail completely if one of the aforementioned risks comes into being.
PROJECT Immobilien Wohnen und Gewerbe GmbH aims to give the most complete and most realistic information possible. Despite increased diligence, the aforementioned impacts cannot be ruled out.

F.188 studios offer you the following benefits:

  • Good letting prospects in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Eberhardshof
  • Energy-efficient KfW-55 construction
  • Compact floor plans for optimum letting prospects
  • High-quality furniture and modern furnishing styles
  • Complete letting service
  • Digital concierge as a reason to rent

Nuremberg metropolitan region

Come. Stay. Be amazed.

Positive outlook for capital investors

High demand and rising rents on the property market

Smaller living spaces are in demand in Eberhardshof: at 53 per cent, single-occupancy households represent an above-average proportion of all households. A positive foundation for letting micro-apartments!

Nuremberg as an attractive investment market

The increasing economic attractiveness results in a further population increase
Population from 2012 to 2016: increase of 4.1%
Prognosis until 2025: further increase of 2%

Rents has been rising constantly: 6.5% in 2 years
Average net rent 2014: €6.86/m²
Average net rent 2016: €7.31/m²

Rents for news properties are significantly higher
Average net rent 2015: €11.15/m²

Constant trend towards 1-person households


Sources: Amt für Stadtforschung und Statistik Nürnberg und Fürth, Wohnungsmarktbeobachtung 2016 des Wirtschaftsreferats der Stadt Nürnberg - Stab Wohnen, Wirtschaftsreferat der Stadt Nürnberg – Amt für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung


Investment in Nürnberg real estate