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Real estate for capital investment in Nuremberg

The second-largest city in Bavaria and the center of the Nuremberg metropolitan region is above all an attractive destination for tourists. The famous Christkindlesmarkt alone attracts around two million visitors every year. What else does Nuremberg have to offer, and is the Franconian city interesting for you if you are interested in buying a property for investment?

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Facts about your investment in Nuremberg

1 | Nuremberg as a business and science location

Nuremberg and its neighboring cities are home to 20 universities and 53 research institutes. In essence, the metropolitan region is a respected center of science.

Nuremberg also has a broad spectrum of expertise in industry and services. Medium-sized companies strongly characterize the entrepreneurial field in the region. But there are also several internationally active corporations represented here - including Bosch, Siemens, Adidas, MAN, and Novartis. Last but not least, Nuremberg is known and well visited as an international trade fair city.

Nuremberg: Facts and figures at a glance

Nuremberg: Facts and figures at a glance

inhabitants (Nuremberg)

3.6 million
inhabitants (metropolitan region)




GDP growth in 5 years

2 | Rising population figures

Due to the economic attractiveness of the metropolitan region and the broad range of education offered by the 20 universities, more and more people - especially students and working people - have been attracted to Nuremberg for years.

The signs are also pointing to growth in the future. For you as a capital investor, this means that the purchase of an apartment in Nuremberg is a future-proof investment with high achievable returns and very good rentability.

Nuremberg: Development of population figures

3 | High demand on the housing market

High demand and rising rents characterize the residential market in Nuremberg. Within five years, from 2013 to 2017, the population grew by around 3.7 percent - an increase in demand that cannot be met by new and existing properties.

A further 2 percent increase in population is expected by 2025 due to a sustained high influx. As a result, rent levels have been rising steadily for years. According to Nürnberger Nachrichten, average rents have increased by 9.2 percent between 2016 and 2018 alone.

Popular districts include the trendy Gostenhof district, the Nordstadt district in Nuremberg, the upscale Nibelungen district in the south, and St. Johannis and Weststadt near the Pegnitz-Wiesengrund. The neighborhoods around Lake Wöhrder See in the east and around the city park in the north-east of Nuremberg are also very popular. Less attractive, on the other hand, is Nuremberg's Südstadt.

Rental price development

New building: first-time occupancy or core refurbishment in the last 10 years
Existing building: between 11 and 50 years

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4 | Properties in Nuremberg as an investment: Conclusion

The economic upturn in the metropolitan region has been continuing for years. According to current forecasts, Nuremberg, as an attractive business and science location, will continue to record further population growth and even stronger demand on the housing market in the future. Thus, investing in real estate in Nuremberg is an attractive opportunity for capital investment.

5 | Facts and figures around um Nuremberg

Quality of life

The metropolitan region offers a good combination of big city flair and rather rural life. This makes it one of the top cities of the Mercer ranking. In 2019, Nuremberg made it to 23rd place out of a total of 231 cities.

   1st place: Vienna
  10th place: Sydney
 23rd place: Nueremberg
  45th place: New York
  57th place: Rome
  74th place: Dubai
103rd place: Shanghai
167th place: Moskow
231st place: Baghdad

Quality of life

Supply and demand

Net remuneration

Sources: Institute of the German Economy, Statistical Information Service 2/2018, Annual Statistical Report 2018, PROJECT Research

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