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How to invest In German Real Estate

Easy acquisition

German investment properties from PROJECT Immobilien

If you would like to finance an investment property in Germany, even if you live abroad, there are many options available to you. We can show you in just five steps how easy it is to purchase your own freehold apartment for rent in Germany – without ever having to visit the country!

5 steps to acquiring property in Germany


open German account


apply for a loan


reserve your desired property
for up to 28 days


loan commitment



(can also be carried out by a solicitor or acquaintance with the help of a power of attorney)

You will face the following costs when you purchase a property

sample calculation


The purchase price





Notary fees




approx. 1.5% of the purchase price


Land transfer tax




Berlin/ Frankfurt a.M.: 6% (Hamburg: 4,5 %, Munich: 3,5 %)


Solicitor's fees



0,00 €

optional: approx. 1%


Rental management



0,00 €



Total purchase price