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Real estate for capital investment in Freising

Are you looking for an investment property in Munich and its surroundings? Then it is worthwhile for you to take a look at Freising. Munich's neighbor offers many advantages, among other things due to current developments on the housing market. You can find helpful information about investing in Freising here.

Investment in Freising real estate

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Facts about your investment in Freising

1 | A popular place of residence

Living space in the Munich metropolis is becoming increasingly scarce, and rents are rising continuously. Due to this development, more and more people prefer to settle in the surrounding area. According to the City of Munich, in 2017 alone, almost 26,000 people moved from the city to the neighboring countryside. Municipalities such as Freising, which score points for their good transport connections, are among the favorites.

While Freising had around 44,700 inhabitants in 2011, by the end of 2018 over 48,600 people were already living in the city. According to forecasts, the 49,000 inhabitant mark will be broken as early as 2030.

2 | Business and science location

On the one hand, Freising is interesting for professionals who work in neighboring Munich and appreciate a green, quiet residential area. On the other hand, however, with the Weihenstephan location the community has its own competence cluster, which enjoys a first-class reputation worldwide. Teaching, science, research, and technology are interlinked on Weihenstephan Hill. As a result, the city is gaining in importance for both working people and students. Two universities are located here: the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and the Science Center of the TU Munich.

With the companies located on the airport grounds, Munich Airport is also one of the most important employers for Freising, as is the Deutsche Post. The latter operates one of the largest mail branches in Bavaria here.

3 | Rising rental prices

Developments on the housing market are reflected in the city's rental prices. In the past three years alone, these have risen noticeably. While rents per square meter were still at EUR 11.73 (existing stock) and EUR 13.23 (new construction) in the 2nd quarter of 2017, they were already at EUR 14.09 (existing stock) and EUR 16.15 (new construction) in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

4 | Freising and the “rental brake”

As in neighboring Munich, Freising has been subject to the amendment to the German Tenancy Act, or the so-called “rental brake”, since 2015. This law states that rents for new leases may only be a maximum of ten percent above the comparable local rent.

Exceptions to this rule include new buildings used and rented for the first time after 2014, so buying property in a new building gives you more freedom of choice.

5 | Real estates in Freising as investment: Conclusion

The purchase of a property in Freising represents a worthwhile investment in the long term. With the steady growth of Munich and the metropolitanization of its suburbs and neighboring cities, Freising is also gaining in importance. The strong population growth is expected to continue in the coming years, and demand on the housing market will remain consistently high.

6 | Facts and figures around Freising

Supply and demand

Net remuneration

Population growth

Rental price development

Sources: Munich Statistical Office, City of Munich: Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations, PROJECT Research

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