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Real estate for capital investment in Dusseldorf

Exhibition centre, trading centre, business location, high quality of living - the Rhine metropolis Dusseldorf is a convincing all-round package and is attracting more and more people. Are you thinking about buying a property in Dusseldorf as an investment? Do you want to know more about the development of the property market and long-term rentability in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia? Here you can find out interesting facts about investment property in Dusseldorf.

Investment in Düsseldorf real estate

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Facts about your investment in Düsseldorf

1 | Outstanding business centre Dusseldorf

The Rhine metropolis Dusseldorf is one of the five most important business locations in Germany. The international airport and several Rhine ports provide an excellent transport infrastructure and make the state capital a successful trading centre. Thus, numerous insurance, financial and stock exchange companies as well as service and consulting firms are located here – including Ergo Versicherungsgruppe, NRW.Bank, L'Oréal, Vodafone, Rheinmetall, Huawei and Toshiba. In addition, the international exhibition centre, which regularly hosts the world's leading exhibitions, is an important centre for the advertising and fashion industry.

2 | Rising population figures

Dusseldorf has been steadily growing as an attractive business location for years. While the population is currently around 644,280, forecasts predict a further increase of 9.21 per cent by 2040 – in addition to continued immigration, this is also due to high birth rates.

3 | High demand on the housing market

The housing market in Dusseldorf is characterised by high demand and permanently rising rents – within the first three quarters of 2021, average rents for new flats rose by 9.82 per cent. Currently, rents average 16.55 €/m² for new flats and 12.20 €/m² for existing buildings. As an important real estate location, the city of Dusseldorf is focusing on new construction and sustainable growth – by 2025 it should already be able to meet 94 percent of the housing demand.

4 | Dusseldorf and the “rental brake”

In many large cities – including Dusseldorf – the so-called ”Mietpreisbremse” (rental brake) has been in force since 2015. This Tenancy Law Amendment Act states that rents for new lettings in sought-after areas may only be a maximum of ten percent above the local comparable rent.

Among other things, new buildings that were used and rented for the first time after 2014 are exempt from this regulation. With the purchase of a new-build property, you therefore have more freedom of determination.

5 | Real estate in Dusseldorf as a financial investment: Conclusion

Thanks to the attractive economic location and the numerous international companies based here, people are constantly drawn to the flourishing Rhine metropolis. As a location, Dusseldorf therefore offers very good lettability in the long term. According to forecasts, the number of inhabitants will increase to 703,647 by 2040, which means that – despite the focus on the construction of new flats – a high demand for living space is to be expected. The purchase of a property as an investment is therefore a worthwhile investment in the long term as well.

6 | Facts and figures around Dusseldorf

Quality of life

PROJECT Immobilien Wohnen und Gewerbe GmbH

   1st place: Vienna
 6th place: Düsseldorf
  10th place: Stockholm
  45th place: New York
  57th place: Rome
  74th place: Dubai
103rd place: Shanghai
167th place: Moskow
231st place: Baghdad

Quality of life

Supply and demand

Population growth

Net remuneration

Sources: IW Köln, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf Amt für Statistik und Wahlen, Regionaldatenbank

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