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Real estate as capital investment

Real estate for investment in Germany:

advantages in general

Investing in real estate:

possible variants

What role does the situation play?

Further special features result from the location of the property. While houses and apartments in popular districts have a higher purchase price and correspondingly lower returns in the beginning, the returns are higher in the long term than for a property in a peripheral location. However, the attractiveness of a district or suburb can change over the years. This, in turn, can lead to fluctuations in the value and yield development of the investment property.

Best markets for your capital investment

Existing vs. new construction properties

If you want to invest in real estate, you face the fundamental decision between an existing building and new construction.

You can use the apartment search function to get an overview of our portfolio of newly built properties for capital investment.

Investing in real estate

with a reliable partner at your side

The PROJECT Immobilien Group has been developing high-quality residential and commercial projects in Germany's urban growth centers for 25 years. As one of Germany's most significant project developers, we implement sustainable residential concepts in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt, among others. At present, more than 120 Objekte properties with a project volume of 3.2 billion euros are being planned and built.

about 3.2 billion
project volume

about 25
years of experience

around 500

metropolitan areas

properties for sale

about 80
reference properties