With excellent local supply, convenient connections to the city, and short distances to the countryside, Rahlstedt is attracting more and more people. These are ideal conditions for capital investors who, by buying an apartment, are investing in an attractive location with very good letting prospects. Also, the apartments in MITTE RAHLSTEDT offer attractive returns, as the following sample calculation shows:

Apartment B04

2 rooms

56.06 m² of living space

purchase price € 310,000

Sample calculation of expected return:

Purchase price


Equity investment (incidental costs)


Financing incl. KfW loan


Total monthly payments of all loans


Rental income per m² (cold rent)

€14 per m²

Monthly rental income


Additional payment monthly
(Difference between rental income and loan payment)


Gross rental return*
(per year, without financing effects)


Grundriss Wohnung B04

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*Gross rental return: ratio of the annual net basic rent to the purchase price, excluding all additional purchase costs and excluding furnishing costs.

The return forecast is based upon current, regional average rents being asked for new buildings (property portal values). A reliable forecast of achievable rents cannot be made.

Achievable rents and the rental market could possibly be subject to adverse development. For example, the loss of local public transport or other facilities can reduce the attractiveness of properties. In addition, an increase in competitors or changes to social structures can also lead to the downgrading of a location. Your financing conditions and the general market risks due to economic fluctuations can also influence the return forecast. This can then have an adverse effect upon rental demand and rent levels: this can result in the letting being delayed and/or a reduction or even total loss of expected rental returns. The example forecast can change or even fail completely if one of the aforementioned risks comes into being.

PROJECT Immobilien Wohnen AG aims to give the most complete and most realistic information possible. However, despite increased diligence, the aforementioned impacts cannot be ruled out.

PROJECT Immobilien has its 25th anniversary.