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As one of the largest project developers for residential properties in Germany, PROJECT Immobilien has been successfully realising residential and commercial properties in sought-after locations for 25 years. In the metropolitan areas of Nuremberg, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Rhine-Main and Rhineland, more than 100 properties with more than 6,500 residential units and a project volume of around €2.6 billion are currently in development. More than 60 further construction projects have already been completed. As one of the few companies in the real estate industry, PROJECT Immobilien draws its real estate exclusively from equity capital.

With PROJECT Immobilien you acquire your real estate directly from the property developer and so save any commission fees.

effective: 21.12.2020

To the Portfolio

about 25
years of experience

about 650

metropolitan areas

42 active

about 60


2.6 billion
project volume

Peace of mind


Cost security

With us, you have complete cost security – we will bear any price increases. You will only ever have to pay the contractually agreed price.


Price-performance security

With us, you pay the purchase price in instalments. The purchase price instalments will only be charged for the services performed, which you can review before paying the instalments. The approval of the common property will be done by an independent surveyor. Only then will you pay the final instalment.


Completion security

As a property developer independent of the financial market, we can offer you the assurance that your property is already pre-financed and its completion is therefore guaranteed. This guarantee is set out in the purchase agreement. If there is any delay, you will be paid compensation.


Brand quality

We use products from renowned manufacturers only, which guarantees that the furnishings always reflect state of the art technology.


Aftersales support

We won’t leave you in the lurch after signing the contract. Our employees and, above all, our technical customer advisors will always be there for you right up until the keys are handed over to you.


Turnkey construction

We take on all the planning and coordination services for you. All you need to do is collect your key.


Energy Certificate

We will provide you with a valid energy performance certificate for the apartment, drawn up in accordance with the Federal Energy Saving Ordinance.*

The energy certificate is not yet available.


Verified final inspection

The final inspection of the apartment will be supervised for you free of charge by a certified testing institute, such as DEKRA, which will verify the execution of the building work and record any defects.


5-year guarantee

If any defects caused by us occur after the hand-over of your apartment, we will assume full responsibility for this for 5 years.

Get started with a strong partner!

You will find a strong partner in PROJECT Immobilien – with almost 25 years of experience and a large portfolio of successfully completed projects throughout Germany.

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  • 34 properties completed
  • 21 properties for sale
  • 7 properties in the pipeline


  • 10 properties completed
  • 6 properties for sale


  • 7 properties completed
  • 5 properties for sale
  • 7 properties in the pipeline


  • 17 properties completed
  • 3 properties for sale
  • 3 properties in the pipeline


  • 7 properties completed
  • 4 properties for sale
  • 2 properties in the pipeline


  • 1 property completed
  • 10 properties in the pipeline

effective: 21.12.2020

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Bleichertwiete 12, 14 und 16
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Bleichertwiete 12, 14 und 16
21029 Hamburg-Bergedorf

Appointment by telephone agreement.
We are also happy to advise you conveniently via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video chat.

+49 40.75 66 398 20

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