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Lower energy costs

Energy-efficient new building with own electricity and heat supply

The Anger Quartier is being built sustainably according to the KfW efficiency house 55 standard. The energy supply for the new building is provided by the new energy centre at Angerstraße, a combined heat and power plant operated by Stadtwerke Freising. With photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the buildings, there is also the option of using renewable energies.

The energy-efficient construction method ensures low energy consumption in the long term. Discover the following info-graphic: the energy costs in a 3-room apartment with 80 m² of living space are significantly lower in a new KfW 55 building than in an uninsulated apartment from the 1960s – or from the 2000s.

Good news for property owners: The annual linear depreciation rate for residential buildings will be increased from 2% to 3% of the acquisition or production costs. The regulation applies to residential buildings completed from January 1, 2023. This shortens the depreciation period from the previous 50 to 33 years – and you benefit from a lower tax burden.

New building ensemble with attractive facade and green, planted inner courtyard

Energy costs per year in comparison
(example apartment 80 m²)


Your savings potential thanks to energy efficiency

  • With an energy-efficient construction method, you can reduce your energy costs considerably
  • A property built to the KfW 55 standard requires only a quarter of the energy used by an old building from the 1960s: savings of € 2,880 per year