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Königsallee 92a, 40212 Düsseldorf

New office in Düsseldorf! You will find our consulting office at Königsallee 92 a (in the Regus building). You can reach it by car from the property of The Pulse in only about 7 minutes.

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Worringer Platz 4
40210 Düsseldorf

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Düsseldorf's city centre with its Rhine promenade, where the cheerful Rhenish attitude to life is visible, and the world-famous Königsallee boulevard with its exclusive fashion and shopping offers are just two reasons why the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia attracts millions of visitors every year. But the Rhine metropolis has even more to offer – and is also interesting for capital investors who are interested in buying a property as an investment!

on Düsseldorf

Fashion. Media. Arts. The creative industry is an important core sector of the city. Renowned companies of the advertising industry, award-winning fashion designers and famous art galleries are based here. But other industries also make Düsseldorf an important international business location. With several globally active trading companies, the state capital is one of Germany's most important commercial centres – and various service and consulting companies are represented in the famous MedienHafen. After Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf is the second largest banking and stock exchange location in Germany.

The city is also home to 22 universities – most notably the Academy of Arts and Heinrich Heine University.


As a strong business, media and fashion location, Düsseldorf attracts a broad target group. Also due to the wide range of educational and job opportunities, the city has been attracting more and more people – especially students and professionals – for years. The constantly rising population figures prove this: the metropolis on the Rhine is in demand like never before!

While more than 644,000 people currently live in Düsseldorf, population forecasts indicate that the 700,000 inhabitant mark will be cracked in 2040. So the signs point to growth in the future as well. For you as an investor, this means that the purchase of a property in Düsseldorf represents a future-proof investment with high achievable returns and very good rentability.


The consequences of the steady increase in population are obvious: the demand for living space is increasing, the supply is becoming scarcer, and rents are rising. In the second half of 2021, rents for newly built apartments in Düsseldorf increased by more than 14% to 16.55 €/m² compared to the previous year.

In highly sought-after, central residential locations, the effects of the steady increase in population are particularly noticeable: in district 1, where The Pulse is being built, the average cold rent of 17.14 €/m² in a new building is currently above the overall average for the city.



  • Good rental opportunities in Düsseldorf-Stadtmitte
  • Compact floor plans for optimal rentability
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient construction method
  • Free initial letting
  • Optionally including modern furnishings
  • Attractive returns
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