Beautiful Friedenau

Not far from the charming Rüdesheimer Platz in Wilmersdorf, the numerous cafés along Südwestkorso and the famous literature mile on Niedstrasse, Maison VIKTORIA is situated in a district of Friedenau that is truly enchanting with its abundance of culture, green spaces and historic flair. Ideal underground and suburban railway connections are guaranteed thanks to the nearby Bundesplatz station.

The home of Berlin’s brightest minds! And yet alongside all its rich history, Friedenau has also welcomed modernity.

Shopping centre on Schloßstrasse
Günther Grass's former residence in Berlin-Friedenau
Cemetery on Stubenrauchstrasse in Friedenau

A place full of life and history

Art, theatre and sophisticated literature: Friedenau’s cultural interest stems from its impressive history of great names from the last century. You can experience this history first-hand at Maison VIKTORIA: for example, you’ll be just a few hundred metres away from the picture-perfect country house where author Günter Grass lived for many years – right next door to contemporaries such as Max Frisch and Uwe Johnson.

The house where the legendary vocal ensemble the Comedian Harmonists was founded is just behind the nearby cemetery on Stubenrauchstrasse, Marlene Dietrich’s final resting place. And the shop just down the road at Varziner Strasse 4 is where actress Hildegard Knef stopped by as a child to buy tobacco for her father. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this very special district of Berlin!

Candy store on Varziner Strasse in Berlin-Friedenau
Café Frau Behrens Torten in Berlin-Friedenau

City life in the country

Günter Grass put it in a nutshell back in 1972: "Friedenau has a lot to offer". Between the hustle and bustle of the city and the idyll of the suburbs, the district is a well-connected residential area on the borders of Schöneberg, Wilmersdorf and Steglitz. Planned in 1871 as an English-style villa suburb, many of the buildings from the city’s founding era, with their beautiful façades, are now listed as historical monuments.

The horseshoe-shaped road created by the land developer Carstenn made Friedenau a green lung with tree-lined streets, abundant front gardens and decorative central squares – with Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz as the central point, bordered by Schillerplatz and Renée-Sintenis-Platz in the south, as well as Perelsplatz and the cemetery on Stubenrauchstrasse in the northern area.


A feel for culture and trends

Take a stroll on Schlossstrasse, just a few minutes’ drive to the south of Friedenau, or explore the culinary variety on offer in the colourful restaurants on Bundesplatz in the north. In Friedenau itself, you will find mainly small pubs, owner-run innovative shops and alternative cultural activities. On Südwestkorso and around Breslauer Platz in particular, there are various restaurants and cafés with a loyal customer base.

The people of Friedenau are culturally active and open to new ideas. It is therefore not surprising that alongside the lovingly managed bookshops, popular venues include the Kleine Theater (little theatre) on Südwestkorso as well as the 1940s Cosima cinema.

Cinema Cosima in Berlin-Friedenau
Café at Breslauer Platz in Berlin-Friedenau