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My neighbourhood

Whether for a stroll through the pedestrian zone or for a cosy evening at the cinema: Spandau’s historic old town is less than two kilometres from Fehrbelliner Strasse. The six minute car ride takes you past the green Koeltzepark and the Spandau Citadel, set amidst the Havel. The Schülerbergstrasse bus stop is right on your doorstep and from there the bus takes only 8 minutes to the Spandau townhall, the railway station and the Spandau Arcaden shopping centre.

My variety in Spandau

It is the largest pedestrian zone in Berlin, which transforms into the most beautiful Christmas market in the city in winter and invites you to take a stroll during milder temperatures. Whether fashion, flowers or jewellery – over 300 shops wait to be discovered. You can also shop to your heart’s content over four floors in the Spandau Arcaden near the train station. Also worth a visit are the weekly market by the Rathaus and the Havelländischer Land- und Bauernmarkt (Havelland farmers’ market), which offer fresh regional produce every workday.

Fresh vegetables right from the weekly market in Spandau
Shopping spree in Spandau's old town
A couple going shopping
Shopping centre Spandau Arcaden

My flair in Spandau

With its picturesque alleyways, enchanting half-timbered houses and well-preserved buildings from across the ages, Spandau’s old town exudes an enchanting flair, a combination of small-town idyll and history – perfect for strolling, discovering and relaxing. Surrounded by water, the old town island is home to an exciting mix of tradition and modernity and is thus perfect for meeting friends in one of the lovingly managed cafés, for a leisurely stroll through the traffic-free streets or a for a stimulating visit to the museum.

Having a drink at the café
Meeting friends in the city
St Nicolai Church in Spandau
Spandau's pedestrian zone

My green space

Hardly any other of Berlin’s districts can boast as much forest and water as Spandau. As such, your neighbourhood is characterised by relaxing islands of calm, where you can treat yourself to a break from everyday life. How about a woodland stroll through the Spandau Forest, located just a kilometre away? The pathways along the banks of the Havel and adjacent parks, such as the Wröhmännerpark, are also excellent places to relax. The Citadel is a must for anyone interested in culture: concerts and exhibits take place throughout the entire year.

Relaxing with a book on a meadow
Taking a walk in the Wröhmännerpark
Ducks on the River Havel
The Spandau Citadel
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