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Lebensart Spandau

33 freehold apartments between Fehrbelliner Strasse and Schönwalder Strasse exhibiting timelessly beautiful architecture and combining all that constitutes life in the west of Berlin: that’s Lebensart Spandau! Those that live here are proud of their Spandau, of the wonderful old town, the green forests and the enticing waters. Enjoy life in a modern and sustainable living space ranging from 28 to 103m², with one to four rooms and planned in accordance with the KfW 55 standard. With just a short way into the centre and to nearby shopping facilities, you can enjoy the most beautiful aspects of Spandau – your city, your home.


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My sustainability

Renewable energy is an important part of an environmentally friendly living concept. That’s why Lebensart Spandau relies on pellet heating for generating energy. Pellets are made of waste from the lumber industry and are a renewable, inexpensive and highly effective fuel. What’s more, the environment doesn’t suffer: when pellets are burned, they are odourless, produce only minimal ash residue and are almost entirely CO2 neutral. Modern pellet boilers are also fully automated, from pellet intake to the cleaning of the oven.

KfW-55 subsidy

Thanks to its many sustainable details, Lebensart Spandau has achieved the KfW-55 standard. As such, the new building uses only 55 percent of the annual energy used by a comparable new building in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance standard. When financing an apartment, you can therefore apply for a subsidised loan under the KfW “energy-efficient building” funding programme. A further advantage: your property’s high energy rating will improve your resale opportunities if you ever decide to sell.

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